Safety and COVID – What’s it mean to you?

There are no doubts that 2020 and beyond has been challenging for many sites, business and operations. Not only from the perspective of revenue losses, staff layoffs and the challenges of staying profitable, but also from the challenges of site safety for all employers (or PCBU’s) – infection control and sanitisation.

Keeping people safe on your worksite is a critical consideration of WHS and site safety for every employer and it is a duty of care. This extends beyond your workplace as it includes any site or place where your staff and customers, contractors and associates might visit. Site safety has changed because of COVID and for that reason we need to be both diligent and compliant.

So how are you managing your site safety with regards to the ongoing COVID pandemic and all the pre-existing requirements that you already needed to address?

There needs to be a strategy of continual education. A process for continual sanitation that will maintain the fight against any infection.

It’s noteworthy that the incidence of cold and flu in the 2020 season (not Covid related) was significantly down on any past year. Washing hands matters. And works. Sanitiser works. And the regular use is, today, a part of your safety and sanitation requirements.

Safety suppliers and worldwide manufacturers have morphed their stock holding to include hand washers and sanitisers. Signage and print companies have created safety signs and labels to remind people to sanitise regularly and keep a social distance from others. The wearing of gloves and masks has come under scrutiny and every business has been forced to create a covid plan that includes the provision of safety supplies to staff, visitors and contractors that complies with the new world safety requirements.

When you are sourcing safety supply solutions for covid safety products and sanitiser, take a look at your standing procedures, re-order points and lead times. Avoid the situation of running out of safety supplies when we all know just how effective (mandatory) these products and procedures are for your ongoing site safety.

These products and procedures are for both yours and your peers’ ongoing safety.

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