Night Lights – not just for the kids

When was the last time you needed lighting to perform some work? Whether indoors, outdoors, inside a dark tank or chamber or a combination of both, the quality of the lighting that you use for your work in dark conditions is a very important part of not only operational efficiency, but also site safety. When you need to buy safety equipment consider safety lighting as well. 

The fact is that when you are working in low light conditions there is a direct relationship between the work conditions and the available lighting. Running long power leads is so yesterday, when you have the availability of portable, rechargeable and powerful LED lights at your fingertips. 

Then we start looking at other lighting requirements like emissions, heat transfer, quick set up, lightweight and compact lighting. The best light for a specific job, location and workplace needs to be looked at before you buy lighting. And once you determine the best light for the job, you can start to look at the lighting affordability, economical running costs, reliability and versatility. 

There is alot to consider for your lighting requirements. 

The NightSearcher range of portable, rechargeable lighting offers a wide range of lighting for your low light requirements. The range, distributed exclusively in Australia and New Zealand by Safety Supply Solutions, includes floodlights, directional lighting, spot lights, hand held torches, headlamps, beacons, warning lights, scene lighting and their weather proof nature, due to their ingress protection, allows you to use the NightSearcher range in most conditions. 

In low light conditions and workplaces there is a requirement to provide good quality lighting for site safety and compliance. As a part of the duty of care to employees (workers) the NightSearcher range can help avoid accidents. 

When it comes to how you choose your lighting for dark work areas contact someone who knows the industry and discuss what you should consider. Contact Safety Supply Solutions to ask about the quality NightSearcher range.